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The Square Footage of Your House: Simple Tips to Maximize It

You may outgrow your house and run out if space over time as you add new items. If your closets are full, you may find that you trip over furniture, boxes, or other items. You can’t ignore the situation and hope it will just go away. You need to do something to recover lost square footage.

First, you will need to rent at least one container for portable storage and have it brought to your home. Next, go through all the clutter and other items you have to decide what you will keep and what is no longer needed. Place everything you want to save in your mobile storage container. If you have items that are no longer wanted, they can be placed in boxes with the contents labeled and then stacked up or left to one side. If you only have limited space, it might be easier to rent two mobile units and then place your unwanted items in the second. Items that you wish to donate can be given to a local charity. To recoup the money that you spent on the items, you can hold a garage sale or yard sale. Your mini storage unit can be used for storing items until the weather gets nicer in spring or summer.

Remove any furniture, home office items, or antiques that you do not regularly use. This will help to keep your house clutter-free. Store your holiday decor in a wardrobe to free up space for other items. Place your seasonal decorations instead into your portable containers. In a home-office, you can store excess office furniture, office machines, office equipment and records in mobile storage units offsite to keep it from feeling overcrowded. If you have antiques taking up space and not being used in your house, consider storing them in the mobile storage unit. For antiques, or any items that must be kept at a particular temperature range, there are solutions to store them offsite.

You should also choose furniture that fits in the rooms you want. As you browse through a furniture showroom, keep in mind that the bedroom set, living ensemble, or any other piece of furniture will seem much smaller in comparison to your own home. Most often, you don’t realize that until after you bring the furniture home. If you already have the furniture, there are several options. You can either store the pieces in your portable containers or ask if you are allowed to return them. You can measure the room sizes in your house before you shop if you still want to browse. Don’t forget to bring a tape measure when you go to the furniture showroom to make sure the furniture fits and doesn’t crowd the room.