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Installation Of Laminate Flooring Has Many Advantages

What is Laminate laminate?

The majority of people say that wood is a great option for flooring contractor honolulu. It’s easy to maintain, looks great and adds a lot of space to any room. Unfortunately, the downside of wood is its high cost and difficulty to install. As a result, most homeowners do not install them. As an alternative, you can use laminate flooring. Faking real wood floors is now easier than ever.

This type looks just like real hardwood because it’s a photo of wood that is stuck between the clear plastic and fiberboard backing. Because the photograph shows the various grains of wood, these boards look authentic, and have plenty of variation.

Why choose Laminate?

Earlier laminate flooring selections were prone water damage and to scratches. Newer machines have dramatically improved this product. The boards feature a low-sheen coating that protects them from scratches and is resistant to wear. The underlayment will protect your boards from water damage so you can clean up spills. Repair kits are available from many manufacturers if a board is damaged. In the worst scenario, you may need to replace your floor board.

The ability to install this floor over concrete or already existing floors is another advantage. This will save you the trouble of ripping up floors such as sheet vinyl that have been glued. With its improved resistance to dampness, this synthetic flooring has become a popular choice in bathrooms and kitchens.

Laminate’s other benefits include its affordability and ability to be installed yourself. This flooring is less expensive than wood or carpet. The average cost per square foot for laminate is $1.30. Installation of the boards is easy and inexpensive. The majority use a snap lock system which locks the floorboards into place. No wood glue is needed, so it’s a mess-free process. Some homeowners find that boards with preglued edges work best because they create a seal that keeps out water. The glue can be activated by a single drop of water rather than glue products.

What to look for

Even though laminate flooring has many great features, it is not all created equal. This type of flooring is often on sale at home improvement shops and outlets for less than $1.30. You’ll want the floor to be worth the price. The National Laminate Flooring Association’s (NALFA) seal is a good way to guarantee quality. The floor should also have been manufactured under 1,400 pounds of pressure per square inch. This high-pressure flooring is more resistant than floors that are manufactured under lower pressure to impact and moisture.

Check the thickness. Most laminate floors are between 6mm – 12mm thick. They have a hollow sound similar to that of real wood. If you cannot afford thicker boards, then consider putting down an underlayment which will reduce the hollow sound. You should also consider how much foot-traffic your floors will experience. The more traffic, the better quality you need. If you cut corners, you may find that you need to replace the flooring in just five years.

Finally, inquire about the guarantee. The warranty on the floor should last at least ten or more years. Most quality flooring is warranted between 20 and 25 years. The longer warranties are great for your peace-of-mind, but they cannot “fix”, a damaged floor. The laminate flooring cannot be refinished. It will therefore need to replaced when it wears out. Check the warranty of any floors you have in your kitchen or bathroom. Some warranties don’t cover “wet area” floors.